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Why Hard Water Creates Trouble

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You’ve probably heard of hard water and soft water. While both types of water are generally safe to drink, hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Of course, the damage happens so slowly over time that you may not even realize there’s an issue until you’re faced with a costly repair job. But knowledge is power – and the more you know about hard water, the better prepared you are if it’s running through the pipes in your home. 

Sienna Plantation water treatment system may be just what you need to prevent a future whole-house repiping job. If that sounds extreme, it’s because it is. Hard water creates a lot of trouble, but you can stay ahead of it with our help.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water has high mineral content while soft water has lower mineral content. These minerals can be healthy for your nutrition as long as you don’t get too much. But over time these minerals can build up in your pipes and leads to severe damage. Calcium and magnesium are the minerals most often to blame for plumbing problems when it comes to hard water.

It begins when a tiny amount of these minerals are left behind as water flows from your city’s water source into your home. Day after day, these minerals attract more minerals – and more minerals. These minerals become hard deposits that stick to the insides of your pipes.

Impact on Water Heating

Hard water can build up in your water heater. These minerals create a barrier between the heating elements and the water it’s trying to warm for use. Over time, it may take longer for water to heat up, or the water may not get as hot as it once did. This can wear down your water heater faster, leading to a replacement sooner than you expect. A standard water heater lasts between ten and fifteen years, but hard water can cut that life short without a water treatment system to eliminate the extra minerals.

Impact on Your Sink and Spouts

If you’ve ever seen a white coating on your sink or spouts, hard water is to blame. That buildup is minerals like calcium and magnesium. When it’s in your sink it can cause the surfaces to look dirty, although it’s easily wiped away. But that buildup cannot be wiped away when it’s inside your pipes. If you notice a white crust in your sinks, it may be time to think about a water treatment system. Remember – it’s not about vanity. It’s about caring for your home’s plumbing system so it lasts for decades to come.

Impact on Water Pressure

Hard water mineral buildup also blocks water flow because it takes up space in your pipes. With less room for water, you lose water pressure. A strong stream of water can turn into a trickle over time.

But all of these problems can easily be prevented. And while a water treatment system is costly, it’s also an investment in your entire home – especially your plumbing. The investment can pay for itself over the years.

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