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What NOT to Put Down Your Kitchen Sink Drain

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You use your kitchen sink every single day. You wash your hands, rinse off dishes, and may even wash other household items if they get dirty. If you have a garbage disposal you may feel like you can put (almost) anything down your kitchen sink drain. Even if you do have a garbage disposal, you need to be careful what you put in the drain.

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, you need to be extra careful. Putting the wrong things in your kitchen sink drain can lead to clogs and major plumbing problems for your entire home. When you’re ready to schedule plumbing services in Stafford, TX, give us a call. If something potentially hazardous went down your kitchen sink drain, we can help.

Kitchen Sink Dos and Don’ts

Some things on this list may seem obvious, but others may not. When possible, it’s always a good idea to avoid putting things down your kitchen sink drain. In fact, this is the biggest “do” – Do prevent things from going down your kitchen sink drain! Invest in a drain stopper that catches debris but allows water to pass through.

Things you shouldn’t put down your kitchen sink drain include:

  • Oil and grease – Many homeowners think that if they use degreasing soap or hot water, it’s safe to dump grease down the drain. But this isn’t true. We know that grease is messy and you want to get rid of it safely, but your sink isn’t the best choice. The fats and oils can resolidify deep in your plumbing system, leading to clogs and even corrosion to your pipes. 
  • Eggshells – These fragile pieces may seem innocent enough. But the small pieces can stick to the sides of your pipes, leading to blockages. They can also leave a film on your garbage disposal itself that attracts other grime to create a dangerous buildup. 
  • Coffee grounds – Again, this seems simple enough. But thick coffee grounds can turn into sludge when it mixes with other things in your drain. Coffee grounds won’t break down and dissipate in your drain. In fact, they’ll do the opposite. 
  • Bones – This is one of the items that seem obvious. Bones belong in the trash and far away from your drains. You can damage your garbage disposal and the blades won’t break the bones down enough that they can fit through your plumbing. Bones can get stuck and then collect other debris to create a tough clog.
  • Anything with fiber – If there’s a food that you prioritize in your diet because of the fiber content, it doesn’t belong in your drain. Fibrous materials can cling to the sides of your pipes and lead to clogs, just like the other items above.
  • Drain cleaner – You may be tempted to use store-bought chemicals to try and fix persistent clogs and slow drains. But harsh chemicals can do more damage than good. Sure, they can help beat the clog, but they can corrode your pipes in the process. 

It’s best to call an expert when you think you have a clog. We can talk to you about your concerns and then we can offer a solution as well as tips to prevent clogs in the future.

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