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Why You Need a Whole House Filtration System

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When you think about cutting-edge innovation throughout history, your plumbing system probably isn’t the first thought that comes to mind. In fact, you probably don’t think about your plumbing system much in general. We want to change that today—whole-house filtration systems are the latest and greatest in plumbing technology, and installing one of these systems in your home can greatly improve the quality of your life.

If you’re like most homeowners here, then you don’t know much about water filtration systems in general. If you want great quality plumbing in Bellaire, TX, make sure you contact our team at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. today.

What’s a Whole-House Filtration System?

Before we get in too deep let’s start with the basics—a whole-house filtration system is a home filtration system that uses carbon filters or sediment filters to reduce the number of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological pollutants in your water supply.

You probably think of portable water filters or systems that only apply to the faucet of your home when you hear the phrase “water filter.” Although these systems are a lot more common, a whole-house filtration system is superior because it addresses all your water quality issues at the source.

The Sneaky Contaminants Lingering in Your Water

Just because you think your home’s water is clean doesn’t mean it is. Circumstances have to be pretty dire for you to actually start seeing the effects of contaminants in your water. Most of the time the effects are a lot more subtle or just harder to pinpoint. There is a myriad of contaminants lingering in your water supply that affect you, including:

  • Chlorine: This is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners contact our team for whole-house filtration systems. Chorine exists in your water in trace amounts. Even these trace amounts can damage your hair, skin, and lungs when you drink, bathe, or shower.
  • Fluoride: Experts notoriously debate the effects of fluoride in drinking water. While some people praise fluoride in the water as a great way to prevent tooth decay, others believe it’s a contributing factor to a bevy of health problems. If you fall into the latter category you can contact our team.
  • Minerals: We have “hard water” here in Texas. Hard water is a term that describes water that’s high in minerals like calcium and magnesium. Hard water isn’t a danger to your health, but it is one of your plumbing system’s biggest opponents. Hard water creates build-up in your plumbing system that decreases the lifespan of your plumbing system and inhibits your water pressure.

It’s true that toxins and chemicals like these exist in small amounts by the rate of absorption in your body is so much higher when you bathe in this water. Installing a whole-house water filtration system will improve your plumbing system, home comfort, and personal comfort. Make sure you contact our team to learn about your filtration options.

If you think it’s time for you to install a whole-house filtration system make sure you contact our team at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. You can schedule an appointment with our technicians today.

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