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We Might Be Low on Toilet Paper, But These Alternatives are Always a No-Go

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We know that the circumstances in our country as of lately have made it rough getting the supplies you need. People across the nation have flocked to grocery stores and bought so much toilet paper that storefronts now ration how much you can purchase in a day. We know that if you’re in charge of taking care of your older loved ones or if you just live in a home with lots of family members that this can be tough. We understand that when the going gets tough and you don’t have many other options, you have to get a little creative, but trust us when we say that some things are just never a good option.

Flushing certain things down your toilet might be a great solution for now, but it will come back to bite you in the future. We know that a plumbing problem is the last thing you want to have during a time of uncertainty like this, so we want to round-up all the “no-gos” when it comes to your plumbing. Keep reading below.

Never Flush These Items

We really admire people’s ingenuity at times like this, but don’t sacrifice your plumbing by flushing these items:

Baby Wipes

We want to start with baby wipes because we know that these are a fan favorite even when toilet paper is in abundant supply. While baby wipes give you that luxurious feel, they’re terrible for your plumbing system. Baby wipes don’t break down the way that toilet paper does. The material is thicker and clumps up in a way that’s perfect to create a clog.

Disinfectant Wipes

This is one we’ve heard homeowners use during this time. Disinfectant wipes fall under the same umbrella as baby wipes. The problem with wipes like this is that it can clog up and create a clog on their own or they can catch themselves on existing sludge in your plumbing system and create a clog. Either way, it’s bad news. Don’t flush these items!

Cosmetic Wipes

Maybe your local store has run out of toilet paper, baby wipes, and disinfectant wipes, so you’ve gotten really creative and opted for cosmetic wipes—while this was some crafty thinking on your part and could be a quick fix in a pinch, it’s bad for your plumbing system. Cosmetic wipes pose the same problems as the baby and disinfectant wipes mentioned above.

Paper Towels/ Napkins

Have you taken to wiping with cut up paper towels or napkins? We understand why you’d go down this path—it doesn’t seem that much different than toilet paper. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that this really isn’t a great option for your home plumbing. These thicker paper goods make your home vulnerable to clogs.

We know that supplies are low on the goods you need right now, but try to stick to the things you know when it comes to your plumbing. Anything else can land you in some big trouble with your plumbing system.

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