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Tree Roots Can Be Your Plumbing System’s Worst Nightmare

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Could you even imagine living without the convenience of modern plumbing? Hopefully, you’d never have to—every time you use the toilet, take a shower, run your dishwasher or washing machine, or take a drink from the kitchen sink, you are relying on a fully functioning plumbing system. This system delivers the water you need throughout your household, and drains the waste and wastewater away.

Thinking about this—how much we are dependent on our plumbing systems—reminds us just how disruptive any problems with the system can really be. And one issue that impacts a lot more homeowners than you may realize is the damage that tree roots can cause to this system.

What About Tree Roots?

That’s right, something that seems so benign can be your plumbing system’s worst nightmare. Tree roots are very strong, and they know what they want—water supply. Roots have a way of naturally growing toward water to seek nourishment for the tree, and are quite persistent in doing so.

When you consider how dry our climate can be, it’s no wonder that tree roots can be willing to bust into your sewer line to get to the water being drained from your household. How does it detect this water? Well, the warm water that flows out of your home and into the sewer line can cause vapor to develop, and that vapor can escape through small cracks, leaks, or even poorly sealed connections.

Tree roots seek moisture, follows it to the source, and grows out further. Once tree roots grow into your sewer line, a number of problems can occur. If you don’t manage this scenario, then you are at risk of property damage, not to mention a major inconvenience.

Is Your Sewer Line in Trouble?

So how can you tell if you need Missouri City, TX sewer line services? If you believe something is amiss with your sewer line, it’s important to give us a call, but it’s not like you can simply perform a visual inspection of your sewer line.

For this reason, you should keep your eyes, ears, and nose open for warning signs of sewer line problems. Have you noticed slow moving drains in your home? Maybe your drains are gurgling when you flush the toilet, or as your bathtub and shower water drain out of the tub. Do you smell foul odors coming from your drain pipes? Have you ever had a sewer backup before? We don’t want your problem to reach the point of an emergency, so be sure to contact us for a viable solution.

But What Is the Solution?

Our professional plumbers have a number of tools available to them in order to deal with tree roots, including video pipe inspection to ensure that is the actual issue at hand, and just how serious the problem is.

Our team will likely be able to use augers to break up tree roots and clean the sewer line, and/or scour jet equipment to blast the root blockage apart and wash it away. Further repairs may be necessary if the roots have caused damage to your sewer line, or if they found another important component that produces plenty of nourishing water outdoors—your air conditioning drain line.

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