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Time to Go Tankless?

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Water heaters are some of the most interesting systems we work on. There have been huge strides in technological advancements within the past couple decades, and the tankless water heater has to be one of the best. It provides a completely new way to look at water heating that’s a viable alternative to the conventional tank water heating system we’ve seen forever. While they aren’t better in every situation, they are an improvement in many aspects for homeowners who are looking for something different.

Let’s talk about water heaters in Rosenberg, TX. More specifically, let’s talk about whether or not it’s time to switch your tank water heater to a tankless water heating system. If you’ve been dissatisfied with the heat or water amount coming from your conventional system, then we might have the perfect solution for you.

The Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heating systems run differently from tank water heating systems. For starters, they don’t use a tank at all (hence, the name!). Instead, they superheat the water that comes through it using gas burners. This brings the water up to the hot temperature you need as it is demanded by your appliance. With this system, you’ll never run out of hot water as long as there’s water in the supply. Here are some more advantages:

  • Unlimited hot water. Since there’s no tank, the water comes directly from the water supply and is heated on demand. This means, unless your city or well runs out of water, or you run out of money, you’ll have unlimited access to hot water!
  • High efficiency. Tankless water heater systems are actually extremely efficient. There’s no standby heat loss that would normally come with a tank water heater, so you’re only using the energy and fuel you need to in the moments where hot water is requested.
  • Less maintenance burden. Since there’s less metal-to-water contact with a tankless water heater, there’s a smaller chance for something to go wrong due to corrosion or wear and tear. The maintenance that must be performed on a tankless water heater is a bit lighter than that which must be done on a tank heating system.
  • Convenience. Long showers, multiple showers in a row, and extended use of hot water is just the beginning of how convenient these systems are for modern homeowners.

Hold Your Horses

Tankless water heaters aren’t just objectively better than tank systems. For some homes, a tank water heater might work better. Sometimes tankless systems can’t produce enough hot water all at once for a large output of hot water. This is a job that’s better done by a tank system. Also, tank water heaters tend to be more affordable and widely available than tankless systems.

What we’re trying to say, is there are situations for both types of heaters. It’s important that you contact our team and talk about what you’re looking for in a new water heater. We can work together to ensure you get the right one.

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