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Simple Ways to Avoid a Sink Clog

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Drain clogs are a common part of life. It’s unlikely that you’ll live in a home for an extended period of time and not experience a drain clog, but if you could prevent a drain clog in your home wouldn’t you? Your plumbing system is a very complex part of your home, and if you don’t understand the factors that contribute to a drain clog, then you’re only contributing to a future drain clog.

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Preventing a Clog

You can’t prevent every clog, but you can avoid a good amount of them. Here are a few simple ways to do so:

Invest in a Strainer

Putting a strainer in one of your drains makes a world of a difference. A strainer in your bathroom keeps hair and soap scum out of your drains. Hair is a big problem in your drains because it intertwines with grease, soap scum, or other sticky substances. When hair combines with these substances, it creates a persistent blockage. When you buy a guard to catch this type of debris, you can remove it from your drain and throw it in the trash before it ever becomes a problem for your plumbing system.

Watch Out for “FOG”

What’s “FOG?” This is an acronym that stands for fats, oils, and grease. These types of substances are the number one culprit when it comes to drain clogs. This is something that you never want to go down your drain. Wondering why FOG is such a problem? We’ll tell you: FOG travels down your drain as a liquid but then settles and congeals until it becomes sludge. This is a big problem.

Think Before You Flush

Make sure you’re smart about your choice to flush certain items. Ultimately, your toilet is designed to handle waste and toilet paper—nothing else. Anything other than these items is harmful to your plumbing. Don’t be fooled by places marketing their items as “flushable”, as many of these items combine with FOG and still pose a huge threat to your plumbing system.

Watch out for feminine hygiene products too—if you have older piping in your home then it’s best not to flush these items. The material of these products really poses a huge threat to your plumbing system.

Contact Our Team When You’re in a Pinch

You can follow all the rules above now that you know them, but any previous damage done might still cause a problem in your plumbing system. So if you run into a problem and you need great plumbing repair here in Missouri City you can rely on our team. We take pride in having a great team of technicians at our company that are always ready to handle any and every plumbing problem that you might have.

If you’re looking for a great plumber in Missouri City, make sure that you contact Doug Turner Plumbing CO today for service.

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