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Signs You Have Hard Water, And What to Do about It

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These days, most municipal water supplies have a hefty level of filtration and conditioning before they even reach your faucets. And, if you use ground water from a private well, you likely have your own water treatment system on site. But something many people don’t realize, even with water treatment, is that they may be suffering from hard water.

This is the name for water with a high concentration of minerals in it—namely, calcium and magnesium. These minerals are harmless to ingest, however they can do a world of damage to your plumbing system, and lower your quality of life. Fortunately, hard water can be taken care of with a professional Richmond, TX water softener installation, to prevent hard water from getting the chance to put your pipes out of commission, make your drinking water taste funky, and ruin your laundry.

But, how do you know if you have hard water?

You Have Soap Scum Coating Your Bathtub

No, this doesn’t mean you’re bad at keeping things clean. Soap scum can simply build up quickly due to hard water. The minerals prevent soap from dissolving as easily as it normally would.

You See Water Spots on Glasses After a Load of Dishes

Water spots can appear on glassware from the dishwasher due to the minerals in the water supply. They’re harmless, but certainly an annoyance. Additionally, your dishwasher could be slowly accumulating damage from the same hard water molecules that jam pipes and cost homeowners unnecessary money.

You’ve Noticed Residue Building Up Around Sinks and Drains

This is a telltale sign of a potential plumbing problem—the same type of buildup outside of faucets is happening within the pipes, too. Slowly, the mineral deposits continue to build up, restricting the volume inside of the pipes. Eventually, you might need to replace your faucet and your water pipes far sooner than otherwise needed.

Your Hair and Skin Don’t Feel Right After a Shower

Many people describe their hair as feeling slimy right after washing it, and lacking in volume after it’s been dried. They may also notice a residue on their skin, or dryness. This is because the minerals in harder water are likely diluting the shampoo or conditioner and causing this reaction.

Your Showerhead Clogs Up Quickly

Over a longer period of time, mineral buildup can restrict water from flowing through the pies. In less time, however, these minerals can keep water from flowing through a showerhead or faucet. It can clog the showerhead or the aerator of your sink, and slow the water pressure. You can typically just unscrew the end of the faucet and clean out the aerator, however this doesn’t resolve the bigger problem.

Your Clothes Don’t Seem Clean, or Are Fading After Laundry Day

The same way in which soap scum builds up in your bathtub, it can fail to dissolve completely in your washing machine. This can prevent clothes from rinsing off or can make them stiff after they come out of the dryer. It can also cause your clothes to fade a lot faster than they normally would.

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