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Signs of a Suffering Sewer Line

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Your sewer line has a very important job to do, removing wastewater from the plumbing system in your home, and expelling it into the civic sewer system. Your sewer line is buried under the ground of your property as this keeps it safe from damage and wear from the weather. Unfortunately, however, that means that when trouble does arise, it can be hard to notice right away. It’s up to you to spot the signs of trouble with your sewer line and call for professional plumbing in Bellaire, TX.

Our licensed plumbers have access to the latest in equipment technology and use professional methods to access your sewer line, enabling us to repair leaks, clear out clogs effectively, and address any other problems that might exist by doing a video inspection.

But again, you have to know you have a problem with your sewer line.

Don’t Try to Diagnose Problems on Your Own

We discourage homeowners from trying to diagnose or fix plumbing problems on their own, particularly the sewer line. The reason for this is that you can accidentally do more harm than good. That being said, here are some ways to spot the common signs of a problem:

  • Puddles in Your Yard: A sewer line leak can produce puddles in the yard that don’t correspond with some other cause, such as recent rain or maybe a broken sprinkler head. The water may also appear dirty and have a foul smell to it.
  • Excessive Greenery: As lush as this may make your landscaping look, this is a problem—your plants and grass will use a leaking sewer line as a sort of fertilizer. It’s even possible for tree roots to exploit even the smallest cracks in your sewer line and shoot roots into the interior of this plumbing component. If you notice vegetation in your yard that’s greener and healthier than the rest, it may be worth calling a plumber to take a look.
  • Slow Drains: When you have one or two backed up drains, the problem might be superficial—perhaps hair stuck in your bathroom sink or too much FOG (fats, oils, and grease) in your kitchen sink. If multiple slow drains are impacting your entire household, however, then the problem is with your sewer line.
  • Foul Odors: We mentioned this briefly above, but a foul smell coming from your drains or property can indicate a leak in your sewer line—and this can be a safety concern as the presence of gasses can cause health issues.

The last thing you want is sewer backing up into your home through the drains and sinks. If you think you have a sewer issue or want your sewer line TV’d as preventative maintenance then call the licensed professionals today.

For “services you can depend on,” contact Doug Turner Plumbing CO. today.

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