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Should You Hire a Master Plumber?

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When it comes to dealing with plumbing problems in your home, we know how aggravating it can be. In the best case scenario, something like a drip will be easy to fix simply by tightening a connection or two. But plumbing problems that necessitate calling in a professional plumber are of course going to be more serious. We’re talking about main water line breaks, slab leaks, sewer line problems, major blockages, and the like.

If you do a quick online search, you can likely find a number of plumbers in our area. But how much training do these plumbers have? What’s their reputation? Will they get the job done right, or will they leave your home in shambles? We’re here to ease your worries—when you contact our team, you’ll be partnered with a Missouri City, TX master plumber with years of experience, a high level of training, and the necessary licensing and insurance to do work in your location.

How Does a Plumber Become a Master Plumber?

This title must be earned through an extensive educational background and expertise only gained by years of experience, in addition to stringent exams and guideline and regulation adherence. Master Plumber is a title that licensed plumbers must work their way up to, and they must be not only licensed but also approved by the state to do work in the area.

Plumbing, in general, requires a wide variety of skills, including the ability to lay out plumbing fixtures and pipes according to the building code, work with different types of plumbing systems, and consider issues such as environmental efficiency and aesthetics when planning and developing a new plumbing job or retrofitting plumbing. The work can also involve repairs as well as specialty tasks such as fixing stoppages. These skills are usually learned on the job as an apprentice, though some vocational schools also offer training for plumbers.

As plumbers go through their training, they have to work under the supervision of someone with experience—and that’s where master plumbers come in! These experienced plumbers provide tips and advice, and gradually let their apprentices work with less and less supervision. In many states, only master plumbers are able to contract journeymen and apprentices to work under them, which is one component of the difference between them and less skilled plumbers.

Master Plumber Qualifications

In order to be called a master plumber, professionals need to pass an examination, which will vary by state, but require a certain amount of training and experience across the board—such as two years in a vocational school or four years as a journeyman plumber, for example. Once they’ve clocked enough hours in the plumbing professional, they can sit for the exam to become a master plumber, or as they are known in other states, a plumbing contractor.

When selecting a master plumber, you can rest assured that these professionals are very knowledgeable about what they do. That’s because the examination they are required to pass includes many different topics, from knowing about building codes and how to approach a variety of plumbing challenges, to business law and how to deal with contracts, obligations, and other aspects of the trade. You can trust a master plumber to do your job correctly, follow through and complete the job, and to do everything as ethically as possible!

For services you can depend on, contact the master plumbers at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. today!

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