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Water Softeners in Sugar Land, TX

You may have heard the term “hard water” before and wondered what exactly it means. It’s simply water with a high degree of mineral content, containing traces of magnesium or calcium in most cases. Hard water isn’t harmful—those minerals can be absorbed into the human body without harm—but it can damage the quality of life in numerous small ways. In Sugar Land, TX, hard water is an ongoing issue that may never be fully resolved. If a whole-house water softeners sounds like a good fit for you, contact us today for services you can depend on. Call our Sugar Land plumbers today to schedule water softener services.

Why Is Hard Water a Problem?

Hard water isn’t usually as big of an issue as, say, bacterial contamination because it’s not inherently unsafe. But it can prove an irritant: making drinking water taste funny, making showers and baths feel rawer, and pummeling your clothing every time you run the laundry. That can lower the quality of your life in numerous small yet significant ways.

Get Rid of That Crusty Build–Up With a Water Softener in Sugar Land

Perhaps the biggest problem with hard water here in Sugar Land is the crusty white deposits it leaves behind in our pipes and fixture heads. You’ve no doubt spotted such signs in your bathroom from time to time. Store–bought cleaners can remove that build–up from the surfaces in your home, but it takes more to get rid of it in your pipes, where it can cause all kinds of corrosion.

A whole–house water softener serves as a magic bullet for these issues. When placed at the apex of your water line, it filters every drop of water that enters your home, removing the mineral deposits and softening the water. You can feel the results in countless different ways and with the right team on your side, a water softener system can be installed swiftly and easily.

How Do Water Softeners Help to Treat My Water?

For starters, water softeners remove that strange metallic taste from your drinking water, making it more refreshing when you drink it. The same principle applies to food cooked with softened water, to say nothing of the way it helps your kitchen sink and the water dispenser in your refrigerator last longer. That’s the most important benefit of these systems, though it’s far from the only one.

Showers and baths are more comfortable: If you’ve experience that red, raw feeling after taking a bath or a shower, you know what kinds of issues hard water can create. By softening the water, you can eliminate that rawness, helping your showers to feel cleaner and giving your skin a break. Over time, you’ll notice the difference every time you turn on the shower.

Give your clothes a break: Even your clothing can benefit from the installation of a water softener. People often add water softeners to their laundry to help preserve their clothes. You can save money on that with a water softener installation from Doug Turner Plumbing CO., which not only helps preserve the bright colors of your clothing, but prevents warped threads and helps your wardrobe last longer to boot!

Whether you would like to install a water softener for your shower or to cut down on the buildup in your washing machine, call the plumbers at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. for professional service. Contact us today to schedule water softener services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

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