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Water Leak Detection Services in Sugar Land, TX

Leaking pipes can cause a great amount of water damage to your home, including rotting walls, flooring, furniture, and other items the water is in consistent contact with. The moisture can eventually lead to pesky mold growth. There are a number of things that can cause a water leak, but some are more common than others. The trouble is, you can’t always tell where a leak is occurring. Leaks inside the walls or under the ground of your Sugar Land, TX property can be difficult to spot and might cause damage for weeks or even months before they’re dealt with.

The professionals at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. take care of water leak detection services throughout the Sugar Land area: pinpointing the source of the leak before offering a number of options for repair. If you suspect you have a hidden leak in your home, call us for services you can depend on! Contact us today to schedule water leak detection and repair services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

Emergency Water Leak Repair Service in Sugar Land, TX

In and of themselves, leaks aren’t a huge issue. But if you don’t spot the leak right away—if it’s hidden somewhere that you wouldn’t normally be able to check—it can cause a great deal of damage. Drywall, furnishings and even wiring and electrical components can be severely damaged by dripping water over time. The faster you can put an end to such leaks the better.

Water Leak Detection

To determine whether you have a leak in your Sugar Land home, shut off all of the water taps both inside and outside of your home, and then record the meter. Come back a couple of hours later to see whether the meter has changed. If your water usage has increased at all from your first recording, there’s a good chance you have a leak that needs to be repaired by a plumber.

Trust a Professional for Water Leak Repair

In almost every case, fixing a leaking water pipe here in Sugar Land is a job best left to the professionals. Plumbers have the right experience and proper tools to do the job. More importantly, they are licensed and bonded, which means you won’t be stuck in the event the unexpected happens and can depend on someone who repairs leaks for a living to do the job the right way.

Professional Water Leak Detection Service

Any layman can determine if a leak exists, but professionals like the ones at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. can go further. We use special video camera technology and similar advanced methods to spot the placement of the leak, which eliminates fishing expeditions and ensures that the repairs can begin without unnecessary damage to your home.

Call Today for Water Leak Detection & Repair Services in Sugar Land, TX

Our team understands that, when you fix a leak, you need to do more than just address the piping. You need to move carefully and treat the customer’s home as you would your own. You need to keep the homeowner informed every step of the way, and allow him or her to understand every aspect of the operation in order to make an educated decision. These are the practices that we use with every service – give us a call today to schedule water leak repair services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

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