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Toilet Repair & Replacement in Sugar Land, TX

The toilet is one of the most heavily-used appliances in your home, and serves a vital function to your family for obvious reasons. No one likes to think about toilet repair or replacing a toilet that no longer functions, but in most cases it’s not something that can wait.

Here in Sugar Land, TX, you can count on the plumbers at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. to handle this vital part of your home life with care and consideration. We move swiftly to treat any repair issues fast, and if a replacement is required, we can get a new toilet in place with the speed and efficiency you expect. Whatever your needs, our team is standing by to help. Contact us today to schedule toilet repair or replacement services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

Know When to Call in a Plumber for Repair Issues

Most toilet repairs in the Sugar Land, TX area involve clogged drains, which occur when materials get stuck in the pipes. In some cases, this involves bodily waste and can be cleared up with judicious use of a plunger. When it doesn’t, however, you need a qualified plumber to make it right.

Leaks are the best sign that a repair is necessary: puddled water around the base of the system, or similar issues that require professional attention. A wobbly toilet, too, is the sign of a significant issue that needs more than a plunger to make right. We’re here for you whenever issues like these crop up, so contact our team today!

Does Your Toilet Constantly Run?

Another common bathroom plumbing issue is a toilet that runs constantly, or which periodically runs for no reason. It can be caused by any number of things, but the end result is the same: a running toilet wastes gallons upon gallons of water, costing you far more than you should have to pay. And it will continue until the underlying problem gets fixed.

Stopping a running toilet means more than jiggling the handle. That’s why you need to call the pros at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. to correct the problem the right way. We’ll travel anywhere in the Sugar Land, TX area to get your problem repaired, and ensure that it doesn’t return anytime soon. The same holds true for any components in your toilet that may be malfunctioning.

When to Replace?

In most cases, the toilet can be repaired rather than replaced, since the issue often boils down to a single component or two. Sometimes, however, the damage is so extensive that you either need to replace the whole toilet, or the cost of repairs is so large that replacement is simply a more practical alternative. This usually involves cracks in the toilet bowl itself, widespread corrosion over multiple components, or simply because you’d like to replace your existing toilet with something more aesthetically pleasing.

Indeed, sometimes, you may want to replace your toilet in favor of a low–flow model or the like. Newer toilets are more environmentally friendly, and will cost less in monthly water bills by utilizing less water than other toilets. That might be enough to justify the operation on its own, and we’re standing by to help when that happens.

Give us a call today to schedule toilet repair or replacement services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

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