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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services in Sugar Land, TX

One of the trickiest plumbing operations to undertake here in Sugar Land is sewer line repair and replacement. The sewer line connects the drain lines of your home to the greater civic line, and is usually buried beneath the ground. That makes it tough to reach when you need a leak fixed, a clog undone, or an entire length of pipe replaced.

But modern techniques have made that prospect much easier, and here at Doug Turner Plumbing CO., our trained staff keeps abreast of the latest developments in sewer line repair and replacement. We’ll apply them to your problem and ensure that your sewer line is repaired or replaced quickly and effectively. We serve homes throughout the Sugar Land, TX area, and offer services you can depend on, so contact us today! Give us a call to schedule sewer services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

What Are Signs It’s Time for Sewer Line Repair?

There are a number of signs that indicate it’s time for professional sewer line repair here in Sugar Land. If you are noticing a gurgling noise coming from your drains, this may be an indication of damaged pipelines. In addition, any residue that arises out of a drain maybe an indication that tree roots have ruptured a pipeline. We recommend taking action as soon as you notice any unusual backup in your drains to prevent further problems from developing.

Beware of Tree Roots

Another major cause of sewer line problems here in Sugar Land is tree roots. These roots are searching for new sources of water, and your sewer line is the perfect place. The roots can continue to grow and penetrate through concrete, clay, or metal pipelines, eventually causing a clog or rupture in the line. You can sometimes spot this problem by noticing trees or bushes in your yard that are greener than the surrounding verge.

Outdated Pipelines Are Trouble Too

Older lines are susceptible to easy cracking or rupture. They may collapse, requiring a new installation. Some of the most serious sewer line problems may be self–inflicted. If you are digging holes in your yard for a garden, remodeling your home, or doing landscaping, you may accidentally strike a pipeline.

Lack of Drainage Can Tip You Off

Another sign of a major sewer line problem is that water will not properly drain. If water remains in your sink or tub, you may need professional drain cleaning or need to have your sewer line inspected for any problems. Drainage problems can be caused by build–up in solid waste, tree roots, or sometimes damage to the pipes themselves that result in blockage.

Call for Sewer Line Services in Sugar Land, TX

Our team at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. will check all of the pipelines around your property as well as the drains within your home. We’ll check for major signs of damage, as well as more subtle signs such as the ground shifting when temperatures are high (not uncommon in our part of the world) to ensure that the problem doesn’t recur! Contact us today to schedule sewer lines services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

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