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Clogged Grease Line Service in Sugar Land, TX

If you run a restaurant or similar food preparation service, you need a grease line to properly manage the fats, oils, and grease that accompany almost any kind of meal preparation. Those components can easily build up in the drain line, creating a stubborn and very costly clog. A grease line needs to be kept clear and clean lest it bring your entire business to a halt.

Here at Doug Turner Plumbing CO., we can prepare a schedule for grease line cleaning in your business, ensuring that clogs and other issues never get in the way of operations. We’ve been in business since 1987 in Sugar Land, TX, and we pride ourselves on providing services you can depend on. Contact our team today and let us know what we can do for you!

Why Are Grease Lines Necessary?

Fats, oils and grease—called FOG in the industry—are tricky because they liquefy when hot, but solidify as they cool down. That makes them dangerous to your plumbing, since you can easily pour them down the drain in liquid form, only to have them solidify in the pipes. Once there, getting rid of them can be supremely difficult and your Sugar Land business will likely pay the price.

How Do Grease Lines Work?

That fats, oils, and grease needs to be captured and separated before they can be properly disposed of. Grease lines are part of the system that makes that possible. A grease trap or interceptor allows the FOG to float to the top of the waste water, then removes the water while leaving the grease in place.

Grease Line Cleaning Is Still Needed Periodically

Grease traps and grease lines need to have the grease removed periodically to keep them from getting clogged. Doug Turner Plumbing CO. is capable of taking care of your service needs in order to properly dispose of the FOG. Otherwise, the lines will get backed up—and you’re looking at another serious problem.

Spotting the Signs of a Grease Line Clog

The good news is that clogs caused by FOG can be spotted fairly easily. Just look for slow draining, no draining, gurgling sounds, or odd smells coming from the line. Such signs merit immediate intervention from a qualified plumber, but if the issue recurs, you should look at shortening the time between grease line cleaning service in order to keep ahead of the issue.

How Often Should the Grease Lines Be Cleaned?

The exact frequency of cleaning your grease lines depends on how large your operation is, but we usually recommend a session at least once a month. We can set up such a schedule and send reminders when the time comes, as well as ensuring that our grease line cleaning service is conducted safely and effectively to keep your business moving.

Call Us for Grease Line Services in Sugar Land, TX

Grease lines are as important to your business as the electricity or the cleanliness of the venue. And because you likely have your hands full with the other aspects of your business, you need someone who knows what they’re doing to handle this operation swiftly and effectively. Doug Turner Plumbing CO. is here for you in all aspects of your commercial plumbing system. Trust us with this all–important operation as well! Call us today to schedule grease line services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

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