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Is Your Plumbing System in Need of Hydro-Jetting?

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Hydro-Jetting,  hydro jetting services in Cinco Ranch, TX. - Doug Turner Plumbing CO.

Maybe the last time you had a slow drain or two, you were able to resolve the problem on your own, fairly quickly. Perhaps it was as easy as reaching it to clear out some hair from the shower drain, or using a plunger to clear out a superficial kitchen sink clog.

Eventually, though, you may have too stubborn of a clog that requires you to call for professional plumbing in Cinco Ranch, TX. And we may recommend that we use hydro-jetting to relieve the issue. This sort of job can only be done by a pro, and may leave you wondering if it’s even really necessary. Keep reading to learn more about your drains and this service.

“Can’t I Just Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?”

Well, you could, but we’d wager to say you’d end up regretting it. We really advise against using any of those chemical-based liquid drain cleaners you can get at the store. We know it may seem like an easy out, but let us share a few quick facts about these cleaners.

  • They contain some of the most toxic chemicals you can buy, potentially injuring you.
  • They are caustic enough that they can damage the inside of your pipes.
  • They’re only able to dissolve some types of clogs. They can actually push the problem further down into the sewer line, causing more problems later on.

“Can I Use a Drain Snake?”

Sometimes if a plunger doesn’t do the trick, a drain auger will. But this really depends on how far down the clog has progressed. If it’s right near the drain opening, you may have luck. But if it’s further down the pipe, you’ll need a large professional drain auger, or again, hydro-jetting.

Our plumbers might recommend trying to snake the drain in some cases, but really we’d like to provide a more permanent drain cleaning solution, and that’s hydro-jetting. This is really the only way to clean out all of the debris and gunk in your drain pipes.

Does Hydro-Jetting Cause Damage?

This is a common concern among homeowners, given how powerful the hydro-jet is. But you need not worry. The jetting equipment we use is designed to protect your drains. A long, thin hose enters the pipes through a cleanout or drain opening. Water is blasted out to all 360° of the pipe, but not fast enough to damage the pipes. It effectively eliminates residue right out to the drain opening, so there’s no mess either.

When Hydro-Jetting Is the Answer

There are a number of reasons you might need hydro-jetting services. It can help clear out tree roots, which is a lot more common of an occurrence in sewer lines. Hyrdo-jetting can also be used to clear out pipes before they’re relined, and can even prevent clogs from coming back since all the sticky residue that stuff like kitchen leftovers in the sink or dirt from the bathroom will be removed.

For service you can depend on, or if you have any questions about hydro-jetting, contact Doug Turner Plumbing CO. today.

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