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How to Prevent Toilet Troubles

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The most common calls that we get as plumbing professionals concern bathroom plumbing. Most notably, we receive calls from homeowners who are struggling with their home’s toilet. Although your toilet might not be the most glamorous part of your home, it is one of its most vital parts. It’s important to take care of your system when necessary. We care about the health, safety, and functionality of your plumbing. Make sure that you get in touch with us when you’re ready to master your plumbing in Sugar Land, TX

We’re always available to help when toilet troubles strike. We think one of the most vital parts of your home’s plumbing care is knowledge. This is how you prevent plumbing problems in the future. Let’s get into this below…

Vital Tips to Keep Your Plumbing Pristine

Here are a few things you should do to prevent plumbing problems in the future. 

Keep Your Toilet Clean

The cleanliness of your toilet can actually contribute to the performance of your system. This is why we suggest staying on top of your bathroom’s cleanliness. Make sure that you’re using the appropriate cleaning supplies and regularly cleaning up your space. It can prevent build-up and help your toilet both perform better and last longer. 

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Our number one tip is to always avoid chemical drain cleaners. We know that these are a tempting option because they’re readily available and promise such great results. In reality, it’s likely that a chemical drain cleaner will actually harm your plumbing system more than will help it. This is because these cleaners are full of corrosive chemicals.

Fix a Toilet Leak Right Away

If you notice that your toilet is leaking, then we suggest addressing the problems as soon as possible. Toilet leaks don’t only lead to potential water damage, they can also pose real hygiene issues. You don’t want the water from your toilet all over the floor of your bathroom. Contact one of us ASAP if this is a problem for you.

Don’t Try Questionable Water Saving “Tips”

We see a lot of DIY tips surrounding toilet performance. One of the tips we’ve encountered in the past is the suggestion to put a brick or another large object in your water tank to save water. We advise against this. Older toilets aren’t as efficient as newer ones and if you’d like to improve this, we’d suggest upgrading. We can find you an efficient model and even help you finance it if need be. 

Teach All Your Family Members the Right Way

Sometimes we get calls to fix a toilet and the culprit behind the mess is a child. Kids don’t know any better. That’s why it’s important to teach them! If you have younger members of your family at home, then it’s important to teach them the proper way to care for a toilet. Make sure they know that only human waste and toilet paper should go inside. This is something you can incorporate while potty training.

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