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How to Prepare Your Water Heater for Cold Weather

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Now that the weather outside is getting cooler, it’s important to prepare all aspects of your home for the winter. We know that you’ve probably already cleaned up your air conditioning unit, scheduled a tune-up for your heater, and maybe even checked in with your heater and improved it. These are all great measures and we’re glad you’re taking them, but it’s not going to cover your water heater services. If you’d like great service your for water heater in Cinco Ranch, TX, then we’d like to help you with these services today.

Of course, there are services you can have performed by a professional, but there are also tips you can implement to help your heater this winter. Let’s discuss a few below.

A Few Ways to Prepare Your Water Heater

These are a few simple ways you can prepare your home’s water heater for winter:

Insulate Problem Pipes

Have you had continual trouble with certain pipes in your home? We don’t exactly get frozen pipes in Texas, but that doesn’t mean that the cold weather doesn’t still pose a problem for your water heater. Of course, you’re not going to have to worry about a pipe freezing all the way over and then bursting as a result. Instead, you’re going to have trouble with your home’s water heater efficiency. You might notice your water heater struggling to heat your water all throughout your home. Insulating your pipes can help with this. 

Check Your Thermostat Setting

What’s your water heater’s thermostat set to? Many times we find that the temperature is set to a temperature that’s much higher than we need it to be. If this is the case, then you should schedule an appointment with our professionals. Choosing a temperature above 120°F is unnecessary and will eventually overwork your system. 

Reconsider the Placement of Your Unit

Sometimes, the problem that you’re having with your water heater later on is more of an issue with the placement of your water heater. Is your water heater in a part of your house that receives adequate heating? If it isn’t and you’ve struggled with your water heater’s performance in the past, then we’d suggest moving it. 

Maintain Your Water Heater

It’s time to maintain your home’s water heater. Tank systems need a flush and even tankless units need cleaning. Our professionals are prepared to help you with either system. 

Always Go for Professional Service

Professional service is always going to be the dividing line between great service and mediocre service. Make sure that you spring for professional service no matter what. We know that sometimes you think that it’s a great idea to attempt to cut a corner by going for amateur work, but we can guarantee that what you think you’re saving in cost here will likely have to be invested in professional work to fix the original problem later. 

Contact Doug Turner Plumbing CO.when you’re ready for great water heater services in Cinco Ranch and the surrounding area. We have “Services you can depend on!”

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