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How to Help Your Sewer Lines

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It’s important to maintain your home’s sewer line. If you’ve found yourself reading our blog today then we’re sure that you know this. This thing is though, you might not know all the tips and tricks necessary to keep your sewer line in proper shape. We’re here to help you out. If you’ve ever had trouble with your home’s sewer line before, then you know like we know that the worst thing that can possibly happen to your home is having any trouble with your sewer line in Bellaire, TX.

We’re here to help you do everything possible to avoid this. If you’d like to keep your sewer line in impeccable shape throughout the year, then we’re here to guide you through the process. We’re the professionals who care.

What You Should Know

There are many things that you should know about your home’s sewer line. Let’s start from the beginning though: your main sewer line is the system responsible for draining all of the wastewater that moves through your home’s drains. This means that if something goes wrong, it’s going to put the entire function of your home in jeopardy. Don’t wait to address problems. Anything going wrong with your home’s sewer line can result in disaster if you let the problems get away from you.

If you’re ever wondering if a sewer line problem is breeding, then you should watch out for the following:

  • A soggy lawn
  • Slow-running drains
  • Gurgling sounds when you run your home’s water
  • Water backing up into other drains
  • Foul odors wafting up from the drains in your house

You don’t have to turn a blind eye to the problems that you’re having. Instead, you can choose to rely on our team of professionals for quality work.

What You Can Do

Now, let’ get into how you can maintain your home’s sewer line. There are some pretty simple steps you can take to keep this system happy:

Know What Can Go Down Your Kitchen Sink

The best place to start is with a little knowledge about your house. You can avoid a whole host of main sewer line problems by keeping your kitchen sink happy. It’s as simple as understanding what can and cannot go down your home’s kitchen sink. You want to avoid putting grease, oil, fats, coffee grounds, pits, and seeds down the sink drain or garbage disposal.

Know What to Flush

In the same way that you need to be mindful of your kitchen sink, you should also be mindful of your toilet. Don’t flush anything that isn’t toilet paper or waste. Anything else, even if it’s branded as “flushable,” will hurt the sewer line.

Don’t Use Chemical Products

If you ever encounter a small clog, we want you to know that the answer isn’t running out to the store for chemical products. This will actually end up damaging the plumbing system further. Trust us when we say that a chemical drain cleaner might solve your problems temporarily, but it’ll worsen the problem later. Investing in professional care will help.

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