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Finding the Right Water Heater Is Easier Than You Think

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The right water heater can make a dramatic difference in your home’s comfort and costs. If you face significant problems with your existing water heater and need a replacement, it might seem like an overwhelming task. After all, with so many different types of models available in the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one is more suitable for your home.

We have written this guide to help you understand that with the right help, finding the right water heater is easier than you might think. And if you are looking for water heaters in Bellaire, TX, we can help you out.

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters come in different styles and sizes. Tank and tankless water heaters are the two most common types of water heaters people use in their homes. We will take a closer look at both types to help you understand what each of them offers so that you can make a more well-informed decision about which one you can choose for your home.

Tank-Style Water Heaters

Tank-style water heaters are traditional systems that consist of a large metal cylinder that stores hot water on reserve for when you need it. The tank-style water heaters heat up the water and dispense the hot water whenever you need to use it. As the water temperature goes down, the heat source kicks in again to bring it back up to ideal temperatures.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are also called “on-demand” water heaters. These units are far more compact than tank-style heaters because they do not have a storage tank for the water. Instead, they heat the water only when you need it while it flows through the heater. Since they do not require holding large quantities of water and run only when necessary, tankless heaters typically offer a much longer life than traditional tank-style heaters.

Fuel Types

The fuel source is another important thing to consider when selecting a water heater. Depending on the model, hot water heaters can be compatible with fuels like natural gas or electricity.

Natural gas units produce hot water quickly and are available in various sizes and models, but they require ventilation through a chimney to ensure that the byproducts of burning gas do not affect anyone at home. 

Electric water heaters are easier to install, they do not need any ventilation, but they may result in you getting a higher energy bill than other fuel sources. We typically recommend these systems if you don’t have a viable means of getting natural gas.

Finding the Right Water Heater

Choosing the right water heater depends on understanding the features and benefits that different types of heaters offer and deciding on one that suits your preferences. We hope learning about the types of water heaters and different fuel sources can help you make a better decision. However, if you are still facing problems deciding on which one to go for, consulting professionals will make the task a lot easier for you, and that is where we come in.

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