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Don’t Let FOG Cause a Kitchen Plumbing Nightmare!

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Your Sugar Land, TX kitchen plumbing is an essential part of your home’s entire plumbing system—particularly the sink. We receive calls pretty often that involve kitchen sink problems, whether it’s a broken garbage disposal, leaky faucet, or of course, clogged drains. And while there are some issues you can resolve on your own (like tightening a faucet or clearing out a one-time clog with a plunger) there are others that will require the assistance of a professional plumber.

Among these problems is the buildup of FOG in your kitchen sink drain. FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease. The problem with this is that it congeals and hardens as it cools, so when you pour it down your sink drain hot, it has the opportunity to build up into a mess, causing the following problems.

Stubborn Clogs

Have you ever been in this scenario? The drain is clogged up and you have standing water in the sink. You’ve taken the plunger out and given it some serious elbow grease, but nothing is helping. Next, you might try liquid drain cleaner. Perhaps this cuts through the clog for a few days, even a few weeks, but soon enough you’re experiencing the same problem.

First off, store-bought drain cleaners are not an effective means of cleaning your drains, and it certainly won’t provide a long-term solution to the problem you are most likely dealing with—FOG. For this, you’ll need a professional to come in and either use a specialized drain snake or hydro-jetter.

Unpleasant Smells

Have you ever noticed a foul odor wafting through your home, originating from your kitchen sink? The problem with FOG is that not only is it building up, but it’s catching and trapping other organic waste you may be putting down your garbage disposal and drain, therefore causing a buildup of disintegrating food and cooking byproducts.

Sure, you can use a natural method to try to relieve the smell—such as putting lemon or some other citrus fruit down the drain with baking soda. But this isn’t going to remove the FOG or the other buildup that’s occurred.

Can FOG Buildup Be Prevented?

Yes, absolutely! While our plumbers are happy to provide the services needed to relieve your kitchen sink of harmful FOG buildup, we understand that of course you’d like to not deal with this problem at all. The solution is to simply not put FOG down the drain. Instead, you should drain the fog into a tin can or some other disposable container, wait for it to harden, and then throw it away in the garbage rather than down your kitchen sink drain. Your plumbing system will be a lot happier and healthier for it!

Should You Invest in a Grease Trap?

Grease traps are used by commercial kitchens to allow for the easy capture and disposal of FOG. They aren’t typically used in residential settings as there isn’t enough of a demand for them. Additionally, they are legally required in commercial settings, whereas in residential settings they are not. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to manage the FOG risk in your home’s kitchen—but please feel free to give us a call if you have any further questions.

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