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Don’t Let Condensate Drain Issues Impact Your Home

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There are a number of components that are critical to the successful operation of your home’s air conditioning system. The system works by relying on a refrigeration cycle to remove heat from the air in your home. During this cycle, moisture is created. Any excess moisture is controlled by the evaporator coil of your system, and released through your home by your condensate tray and drain.

When something goes wrong with your condensate drain line, it turns into a plumbing issue—fortunately you can turn to our team for Sugar Land, TX plumbing services. But we’d like to help you avoid this problem if necessary.

What Can Go Wrong with My Condensate Tray and Drain?

Misalignment: In order for water to effectively flow into the drain, the condensate tray has to be set at the correct angle. If your HVAC technician didn’t properly position the tray, or if it got knocked out of place somehow, then water can leak into your home, and cause significant property damage.

Clogs: A blocked up condensate drain can also cause water to leak from the tray. Over time, debris can fill up the drain pipe and cause water to back up in to the pan. This causes a couple different issues. First off, it may cause water to flow into your home. Secondly, it can attract mold and mildew, causing a number of health issues for you and your family.

Tray Damage: Another issue that can occur is that the tray may tear or become cracked over time, causing water to leak out of the pan. Usually the least expensive option, if this occurs, is to have the tray replaced.

AC Operational Issues: The biggest threat of a clogged condensate drain is to your home and furnishings. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t eventually cause operational issues for your air conditioner, particularly if it’s ignored for too long. This is especially true if you do not keep up on your AC maintenance.

Is Your Condensate Drain Clogged?

So, how can you even tell if your condensate drain is clogged? The clearest sign you’ll get is leaking water coming from the indoor air conditioner cabinet. It will typically be coming from the exhaust fans or from the bottom of the cabinet. Another possible cause of this is a refrigerant leak, but if this is the case the leak will usually be pretty small.

Even if you don’t see water actively leaking from the system, you might see water spots surrounding the indoor cabinet, or near the fan. Pay close attention to any damage to the carpet or furnishings near the air conditioner that look like water damage.

Is Your Air Conditioner Mounted Above a Furnace?

This is a common configuration in many homes. And if a blocked condensate drain causes a water backup and overflow, the water will eventually cause rust on the furnace. Of course, this can be bad for both the AC and for your furnace, so be sure to call for repairs right away if you see rust.

Now is the time to schedule your AC drain line repairs. For services you can depend on,

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