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Discover Your Drain Problems with Video Pipe Inspection

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If you own a home, you probably know that it proves to be difficult keeping your pipes in good condition. You need to be diligent about what goes down your drain and if something goes awry trying to fix it yourself can prove to be impossible. Plumbing problems are also insidious. Your plumbing issues might not be noticeable right away and even if you notice the problem, it’s hard to alleviate these issues because most of your plumbing is within the walls of your home—out of reach and out of sight. You’re going to need a professional to inspect your plumbing and our professionals here at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. provide the best drain services in Richmond, TX.

How It Works

Video pipe inspection works exactly as it sounds, a technician inserts a small camera into your drain and this camera captures photos. The photos allow the plumber to clearly see any plumbing issues without disrupting the pipe. If technicians couldn’t use this procedure for diagnostic purposes they would always have to take out large sections of pipe to find the problem.

Signs You Need Video Pipe Inspection

  • Odors Coming from the Drain: If you smell sewage from your drains you should always have a professional service your system and determine the cause.
  • Old Pipes: If your pipes are old, annual inspections may be useful because the old age of your plumbing system put it at risk for more leaks and clogs.
  • Drain Clogs: If you feel like you constantly have a clog you can benefit from an inspection after a cleaning to ensure that the clog fully clears.
  • Slow Moving Drains: If it seemingly takes eons for your drain to clear don’t reach for the plunger. Reach for your phone instead and call a plumber with the right tools.

The Benefits


Because video pipe inspections are such a lucid way of viewing a plumbing problem, your plumbing service can happen a lot faster. The problem is identified faster with more accuracy, so your plumber can address the issue faster, leave the rest of your plumbing intact, and choose the right tools for the job. Diagnosing a drain problem any other way takes much longer and doesn’t provide the same accuracy.


Just because you’re having a certain symptom coming from your drain doesn’t mean that the problem is clear-cut. With a video pipe inspection, there’s no guesswork. Your technician is seeing a photo, so they can pinpoint the exact location of the problem’s source. Other means of identifying drain problems involves a lot of guesswork and often damaging means of discovering the problem.

Why Choose Doug Turner Plumbing CO.?

At Doug Turner Plumbing CO., we’ve been in business since 1987 exceeding the needs of Sugarland homeowners. We understand the importance of an excellent work ethic paired with the right knowledge, so only employ plumbers that are disciplined, licensed, and certified. We pride ourselves on providing reliable service.

If you need a video pipe inspection, contact us today to schedule a service.

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