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Could You Benefit from Whole Home Repiping?

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A decaying pipe is not a pretty sight—particularly when you think about what it could mean for the rest of your plumbing system, and your home. Let’s face it; homes in our area were built to last. You may even be living in a home that’s about a century old. But that doesn’t mean that your pipes will make it that long.

In fact, depending on what type of pipes are currently snaking their way through your property, you could be seconds away from a devastating pipe burst leading to extensive property damage. Fortunately, our comprehensive Sugar Land, TX repiping services are all you need to get your plumbing back in top shape. But, short of a plumbing disaster, how do you know you even need this service?

Your Plumbing is Old!

Like we mentioned above, even if your home is built to last, your plumbing system wasn’t. You may have older pipes that are made of galvanized steel, copper, lead, or polyethylene. Each one of these is progressively a bit better than the last, but they all have major drawbacks.

Lead piping, for example, could make you and your family sick. Galvanized steel and other older pipes don’t stand the test of time like newer piping does—you have a higher chance of facing pinhole leaks that can quickly grow into a much larger problem.

Too Many Leaks

Again, pinhole leaks can grow into something more. A couple leaks here and there over the course of a few years might just mean that you need to replace one section of your piping, particularly if it’s just happening in one room.

However, if you’ve had to repair multiple leaks in a shorter amount of time and in different areas of your home, then your plumbing system may be breaking down. Ultimately, whole-house repiping will be a better option that replacing corroded pipes one at a time.

Mineral Deposits

Over time, minerals can build up within your pipes—namely calcium and magnesium. These are not inherently harmful minerals when it comes to your health. However, it creates what’s known as hard water and can be harmful to your pipes.

Signs of hard water include a white or yellow-green buildup around fixtures such as faucets and showerheads. If this is coupled with significantly reduced water pressure throughout the home, then chances are the buildup has gotten to such a point that it has impacted your entire piping system, and therefore whole-house repiping is recommended.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

The trouble with plumbing problems is that most of your pipes are out of sight, and therefore not something you give a lot of thought to unless something does go wrong. There are a few areas that you do see your pipes though, such as underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Plus if you have a basement you might have exposed plumbing there, too. If this is the case, keep an eye out for a few tell-tale signs that your plumbing is aging and wearing down—cracks, warps, bulges and breaks.

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