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Beware These Threats to Your Sink Plumbing

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Beware These Threats to Your Sink Plumbing - Doug Turner Plumbing CO.

One of the most common plumbing problems our professionals get called out for is stubborn clogs—an annoyance for sure but an inevitable issue that almost every homeowner runs into at some time or another. Clogs are often one of those things that people deal with incorrectly. When sink clogs occur, most people reach for chemical drain cleaners, thinking that will permanently resolve the issues with their sink plumbing in Stafford TX.

On the contrary, however, the vast majority of these store-bought cleaners actually use corrosive chemicals to do their job—and this is just one threat to the sink plumbing through your home. Keep reading to learn of more.

In the Kitchen

In your kitchen, the sink plumbing threats you’ll face include hard foods, fibrous materials, grease, and more. While a professionally installed garbage disposal system will do a lot to break up food waste you put down the drain, there are some items it just can’t handle, such as corn cobs and other hard food materials. As a result, they can get stuck and end up resulting in a sink clog.

Potato skins, and fibrous vegetables like celery also threaten your garbage disposal, and therefore your kitchen sink. And let’s not forget grease—or rather FOG (Fats Oils and Grease). While these all remain in liquid form while heated, once you pour them down your drain and they’ve had a chance to cool off, they harden. This means you have material building up on the walls of your pipes, and of course this will eventually lead to clogging.

In the Bathroom

There are a number of things that can cause clogs in your bathroom sink. Too much hair down the drain, soap scum, and—like we mentioned above—chemical drain cleaners. These items all create buildup to the point that a clog can become pretty stubborn.

One more threat to your bathroom sink plumbing, and your bathroom plumbing in general, is hard water. Hard water is water that has high levels of magnesium and calcium in it. While these minerals are not harmful to ingest, they can and do build up in your pipes, and can eventually cause a need for repiping.

Invest in Professional Drain Cleaning

To keep your sink plumbing in the best condition, it’s important to invest in professional drain cleaning services (in comparison to using chemical cleaners or trusting an amateur to relieve your plumbing issues). Our professional plumbers have a variety of effective methods to keep your sink plumbing in good condition.

For instance, in addition to drain snaking, our plumbers are highly trained and experienced with hydro-jetting, or the use of a highly pressurized water jet to clear out hardened grease, dirt, hair, food particles, and any other sediment that may be negatively impacting the sink plumbing throughout your home.

When it comes down to it, no matter what method is used, a professional plumber can clean out your drains and service your sink plumbing must faster and more thoroughly than you would be able to do on your own. And while this may seem more expensive in the short-term, it will actually save you money in the long run as you’ll be at a lower risk for plumbing emergencies.

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