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5 Signs That You Need Toilet Repair

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Your toilet is one of those vital aspects of your home, but it’s definitely not a fun or alluring one. Although purchasing things for your toilet isn’t the most captivating task, making sure that you do so when it matters is going to ensure that you get the best work available to you.

You don’t want to wait until things go sour to take the action you need. That’s why we’re here though. We’re going to make sure that you have all the right information available to you to make smart decisions. If you’re ready to work on your plumbing in Bellaire, TX, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Come to our team today with the work you need.

When to Call Us

You should give us a ring when you notice any of the following in your bathroom:

1.      Your Toilet has been Around for Years

How long have you had your toilet? If you’ve had your toilet for upwards of a few decades, then it’s definitely time to schedule an appointment with our professionals. A toilet that’s old can still do the trick, but your older toilet is at a higher risk of performing inefficiently or developing small issues. Replacing your toilet in a timely manner can save you a headache down the line.

2.      You’ve Got a Crack

Have you noticed that the base or the tank of your home’s toilet is a little cracked? You might just think this crack is superficial and a purely aesthetic problem, but a crack in your home’s toilet is a big issue that will likely develop into a big issue fast. Make sure you come to our professionals. We’ll do a thorough inspection and to make sure this is the only problem you’re experiencing, and we’ll fix it fast.

3.      Your Toilet is Leaking

Maybe you haven’t even noticed a crack, but your toilet is leaking. It doesn’t matter whether your toilet is leaking all the time or just leaking when it flushes, the problem that you’re experiencing can become a major detriment to your bathroom and your personal health. We’re the ones who can knock out the problem in a flash.

4.      Your Toilet Flushes Forever

So you flush your toilet, walk away, come back a considerable time later and you still hear the sound of your toilet flushing. What’s going on? You might this that this is just an irritating noise that you can drown out into the background but ignoring a problem like this inevitably leads to a major toilet issue. Make sure you come to us sooner than later so we can put a stop to this issue.

5.      Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Are you having the opposite problem as the one listed above? If your toilet won’t flush or will flush a little but not as much as you need it to, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our professionals. This problem can usually be solved with just a few replacements of parts.

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