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5 Most Common Water Heater Issues

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Water heaters are lifesavers, especially in winter. Who doesn’t like the comfort of hot showers, doing dishes with warm water, and washing clothes with hot water? These household tasks can put a lot of pressure on your water heater since you’ll be using it a lot. In some cases, it might fail to keep up with your hot water needs and may break down, leading to several water heater issues. Some of these issues can be quite serious, and you may want to call a plumbing expert to deal with them. 

From our years of experience in the plumbing industry, we can safely say that we have encountered almost every kind of water heater problem. Below are the five most common water heater issues for your reference. 

1. Little to No Hot Water

Turning on your shower in winter just to find out that the water isn’t hot is a living nightmare. The most common reason for your electric water heater not warming the water up is a broken heating element somewhere in the heater. If you can’t figure out the cause yourself and the heater doesn’t work, there might be a bigger problem for which you may have to call a water heater repair specialist. 

2. Taking Too Long to Reheat

Gas heaters reheat faster than electric water heaters, but the reheating time differs depending on the model. If your water heater is taking too long to reheat the water, then there’s a malfunctioning heating element or thermostat. It’s not hard to replace these parts but consider calling a plumber for safety.

3. Colored Water

Rust-colored water coming from your shower signifies that your water heater tank is rusting and corroding away. In such a case, you’ll need to replace the anode rod, which prevents the heater tank from rusting. If the rusting continues, it can cause small cracks in the tank, which will eventually lead to leakage — another common water heater problem. 

A broken or stuck drain valve, too much water pressure in the tank, condensation buildup, a bad gasket, and loose heating element bolts are some other reasons that can cause leakage. Consider calling a plumbing expert in both cases. 

4. Noisy Water Heater

Strange noises, such as knocking or popping, coming from your water heater can seem concerning, but there’s nothing to stress about. Sediments at the tank’s bottom and scale buildup on the tank’s heating components are common reasons for these noises. Some noises can also be because of the pressure inside the tank. Call a plumber if you notice the tank getting abnormally loud.

5. Bad Smell

Another common water heater problem is getting a bad smell from the water when it runs hot. It’s mostly because of bacteria in the water. To fix this yourself, flush your water heater and replace the anode rod every few months. Alternatively, you can turn the water heater thermostat up. This plumbing practice will give you a quick and temporary fix.

If you’re facing any of these or other water heater problems, we’re here to help you. We offer services for water heater repairs in Sugar Land, Texas, and pride ourselves in providing the best value for your money. Call us to discuss your water heater issue today.

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