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5 Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains

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causes of clogged drains

A clogged drain can cause you a lot of trouble. It can lead to flooding, corrosion, and even sewage backups. Whether it’s a clogged bathtub drain, kitchen sink, or toilet, calling a plumber that offers drain cleaning services can help you handle the situation. How often your drains get clogged depends on what you allow to go down your drains. Below are the top five causes of clogged drains to help you keep your house plumbing up and running. 

1. Oil, Grease, and Fats

Putting things down your drain that don’t belong there is one of the main reasons it becomes clogged. Avoid stuffing eggshells, large chunks of food, fat leftovers from cooked meats, large fruit peels, and cooking oil into the drain since they can block the pipes easily. Moreover, fats and oils can change into solid form, clumping in your drain and ceasing water flow.

2. Hair

Human and pet hair can easily bind with grease and other sticky substances going down your drains, leading to clogged pipes. Installing drain covers in bathtubs and showers prevents a lot of hair from going down the drains. You should also consider bathing your pets outdoors if possible. 

3. Flushing Trash

It’s not the best idea to flush items such as diapers, female hygiene products, paper towels, dental floss, or other trash in your toilet — it’s not a trash can. You should only flush a reasonable amount of toilet paper and human waste down the toilet, otherwise, it can clog the drains. Keeping a trash can next to your toilet can help you avoid such a situation. 

4. Soap 

Most commercially manufactured bar soaps contain animal fat derivatives that mix with water minerals and form soap scum. In excess, soap scum isn’t easy to get rid of from bathroom surfaces and can even lead to clogged drains. You may want to switch to a liquid or gel body wash without animal fat derivatives if your bar soap leaves behind visible soap scum.

5. Mineral Buildup

Hard water causes mineral deposits in the pipes and will require you to call a plumber to deal with it. Ideally, go for a plumbing company that offers drain cleaning services, such as hydro jetting, which is an effective method for removing mineral buildup. You should also consider installing a water softener to prevent this issue because even the best drain cleaner can’t remove hard water mineral buildup. 

Drain Cleaning Services From Doug Turner

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