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3 Reasons You Should Install a Water Treatment System

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If you prefer filtered water over tap water, then a water filtration system for your entire house might be a good idea. There are many reasons that you want to have filtered water for all of your household needs – including cooking, bathing, and washing clothes.

Whole home water filtration systems are gaining popularity with homeowners. If you’re thinking about water treatment systems in Stafford, TX, give our team a call. We can talk to you about water quality and explain how a whole-house water filtration system works. If you want to learn more about the top 3 reasons you should install a water treatment system in your home, just keep reading.

Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

Your fridge may have a water dispenser that filters water before you drink it. Or maybe you have a pitcher in your fridge that you refill each day. But what about the water you cook with, or the water you use to bathe and shower? The same contaminants that you’re concerned about drinking can impact your health in other ways, too. A water filtration system can:

  • Improve water’s taste – Minerals and contaminants in your water can change how it tastes, smells, and even feels. A filtrations system can remove extra minerals and contaminants so that your water tastes better. This is the top concern for many homeowners when they think about a water filtration system.
  • Convenience – With a water filtration system, you don’t have to worry about filling up a pitcher in your fridge or remembering to change your refrigerator water filter. Instead, the whole house system does the work for you. There is always a supply of clean, fresh water ready for your family to drink and use.
  • Improve efficiency – If you are filtering water another way, it can be a tedious process. If you don’t remember to change the filter or fill up the pitcher, you don’t have clean water available. If filtered water is important to you, this can be a problem. Plus, you have to consider the expense of replacing filters and pitchers regularly. A whole house water filtration system doesn’t just make life easier, it also saves you money.

Downsides of Water Treatment Systems

water treatment installation in houston

There are pros and cons to everything, and water treatment systems are no exception. Of course, they are popular because many people believe that the pros outweigh the cons, but it’s still important to understand any challenges you may face. The downsides of water filtration systems include:

  • Installation cost – A whole house water filtration system can cost anywhere from $500 up to $10,000. The type of system you purchase will depend on your filtration needs and expectations. Some systems can remove a variety of contaminants and minerals, while others remove all particles from your water. Some even help your water to maintain a healthy level of valuable minerals without there being too many.
  • Everything gets filtered – If you aren’t worried about the water you wash your clothes in or your bath water, a whole house filtration system may not be necessary. When all of your water gets filtered, you can’t pick and choose which faucets get filtered and which ones don’t. Even the water going outside to your water hose is being filtered with a whole house system.
  • Losing fluoride – If you value the fluoride in your water that helps maintain strong teeth, a water filtration system may not be right for you. Fluoride is considered a beneficial chemical and is actually purposely added to your drinking water. When all of your water is filtered, you may have to put extra effort into taking care of your teeth.

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