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25 Easy Plumbing Hacks Anyone Can Try

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plumbing hacks

A plumbing emergency can come without any notice — a clogged drain, a broken pipe, and much more. Ideally, you should call a commercial plumber to deal with the problem. But in some cases, prompt action might be needed. Here are 25 easy plumbing hacks to save the day.

25 Easy Plumbing hacks

  • Flush, wait, and then flush again to clear the clog caused by toilet paper.
  • Pouring a quarter cup of dish soap and hot water into the toilet can clean the clog caused by tissue papers or soft solids. 
  • Use a plunger to unclog your toilet.
  • You can use vacuums to clean the drain. Put the tube into the drain, cover the empty area around the entrance with a rag, and turn the vacuum on. 
  • Use enzyme waste removals to break down organic materials causing the blockage. 
  • Use baking soda and vinegar to break down a toilet blockage — a cup of each. 
  • Use a plumbers auger or a drain snake to clean your clogged toilet. Put it into the drain and twist and push it through the obstruction. 
  • Dump a bucket full of water from a height into the toilet to clear the clog. 
  • Use dish soap and hot water to loosen up the kitchen sink clog.  
  • You can use a straightened wire hanger to clean the drain. Bend its end to make a hook and pull the clog out.    
  • Clean the P-trap by putting a bucket under the pipe and disassembling it. Unscrew the connectors, remove the pipe, clean it, and reassemble it. 
  • Fix a leaky toilet flapper with some food coloring. Just put a few drops in the reservoir and wait. Replace the flapper if there’s colored water in the bowl.
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  • Get rid of debris by removing the faucet’s aerator. Clean it and put it back. 
  • To deal with a leaky shutoff valve without soldering, get a 3/8-inch piggyback valve and install it over the old one. 
  • To check for leaks, note down the numbers written on the water meter at some intervals. If they change within a few hours, there’s a leak somewhere. 
  • To fix a low-pressure issue in the shower, remove the head and put it in a plastic bag with some white vinegar. Reinstall it after a day. 
  • To stop the water flow while soldering, use a compression valve. Installing it a bit farther from where you want to solder will help. 
  • You can also use white bread to stop the leak while soldering.
  • Use a zip tie to clean the clogs. Make some slits on it and put it in the drain to clean it. 
  • Pour some vegetable oil into the drain to deal with smelly floor drains. 
  • To fix an overflowing toilet, lift the toilet tank lid and the float valve.
  • Fix a weak flush by adjusting the water level. 
  • Insulate the hot water pipes using foam pipe insulation.
  • Fix a leaky drain by shutting its source valve.
  • Use plumber putty to stop leaks. Dry the surface well before applying it. 

These are just some plumbing tips and hacks for emergencies. You should call a commercial plumbing company to get the best commercial plumber to deal with such issues since DIY plumbing may not be effective in the long run. Contact us if you need a commercial plumber in Sugar Land, Texas.  

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